“Greetings Traveler!

Don’t look so wary. You know, us Umbrons aren’t nearly as unpleasant as folks would have you believe. Sure, we may like a good war now and again, but we like to kick back and relax with a pint and a bit of fun just as much as anyone else. In fact, if you’ll be in town a few days, can I interest you in our tavern’s little contest?”

What is it?


A low stakes, fun, purely digital, weeks-long contest of Lightseekers in the Classic format, following a standard Swiss tournament format with no elimination round. Rounds last three days, with players having within that window to play and report the result of “Best of Three” matches to the tournament organizer. The amount of rounds will correspond to general Lightseekers tournament suggestions (i.e. 3 rounds for 5-8 players, 4 rounds for 9-16 players, etc.)

Decks will be submitted beforehand, with no sideboards. Pairings from round to round will be listed on this page, and on social media.

  • Please note the following change : Due to the popularity of the event we are now looking at five rounds. Considering half the goal is to test decks in the classic format, deck re-submissions will be allowed after round three, using the same hero, to make any updates you would like.

When Does it Start?

Registration is due by the end of the day Sunday, February 10th (Eastern Standard Time).

First Round Pairings will be posted sometime on Monday, February 11th.

What’s on the line?


1st Place - “Prime Tor of the Tavern”

  • About enough dollars to purchase four celebratory ales for yourself - surely your talent is without comparison in all of Tantos ($20 USD sent via Paypal)

  • One digital cardback design of your choice (Rift Night, Snowfall, or Thunder Festival)

  • One “Magrok the Imbuer” scan, courtesy of Double Gold Champion Nuwan

  • All the glory!

2nd Place - “Second in the Speakeasy”

  • About enough dollars to purchase two beers - enough to feel better about not being a champion ($10 USD sent via Paypal)

  • One digital cardback design of your choice (Rift Night, Snowfall, or Thunder Festival)

  • Half as much glory as first place.

3rd Place - “Not so Bad”

  • About enough dollars to purchase a single brew. Could have been worse, right? ($5 USD sent via paypal)

  • One digital cardback design of your choice (Rift Night, Snowfall, or Thunder Festival)

  • Look, glory doesn’t grow on trees you know. Maybe like the tiniest bit of glory.

What’s it Cost?

Not a thing! You just have to sign up below and participate.

Any other details?

The spirit of this is meant to be casual good fun. That said, here are a few thoughts:

  • Pairings may be delayed for up to one day if there appears to be good cause for matches not being completed within the three day window

  • If one party has made a good faith effort to get into contact with their opponent, with little to no response or effort from the other side, documentation in the form of screenshots may result in a round win.

  • You may wish to screenshot game results for your records, in the unlikely event of contested outcomes

  • Decklists will be made public after the event is over