Jessica, also known as Lady Annabelle the Warlock, AKA Aristocratic Princess of the Rusviet Union, AKA Nottingham's Most Wanted Contraband Apple Smuggler

Jessica is an IT wizard and a mystic baker. Main Street Grille covers the main course, and Jessica bakes the desserts and savory pastries found on the bartop. Her favorite games at the moment include Forbidden Desert, Mansions of Madness (2e), Summoner Wars, and Arctic Scavengers.


James, also known as Daku the Druid, AKA The World's 70ish Best Netrunner Player or Something, AKA Always the Duke Taking Three Coins Whether He's Looked at His Cards or Not

James is a non-rules lawyer attorney who has been gaming for the better part of his life. He's the most frequent face at the Parlor, and enjoys any game oozing with theme. His favorite games at the moment include Netrunner, Viticulture, Star Realms, and Cry Havoc.